Anchorage Driver Involved in Hit and Run Flees with Witness on Hood

The Anchorage Police Department received a call just prior to 5 pm on Monday afternoon reporting a hit-and-run in the area of East 442nd and  Dale Street. The caller also reported that the suspect had driven from the scene with a witness on the hood of his vehicle.

Upon arrival at the scene, APD patrol officers opened an investigation and witnesses reported that a silver Toyota RAV4 traveling eastbound on Tudor was driving recklessly and stopping from time to time on the roadway for no reason. Then when the RAV4 reached the intersection of Tudor and Lake Otis, the driver, later identified as 30-year-old Russel C. Raiter, rear-ended a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee that was waiting at the intersection on a red light.

After the impact, the driver of the Jeep got out of his vehicle and approached Raiter, who remained in his vehicle. When the Jeep driver reached the vehicle, he tapped on the window at which time Raiter aggressively drove away.

Two witnesses followed Raiter as he drove away and caught up to him at East 40th and Ronson Court. One driver, identified as Witness #1, blocked Raiter by pulling in front of him. In response, Raiter put his vehicle in reverse and rammed into Witness #2’s vehicle.

It was then that Witness #1 got out of his vehicle and jumped onto the hood of Raiter’s vehicle. This did not deter Raiter though, he drove off with the man clinging to his hood.

Raiter drove around the neighborhood briefly before the man was able to get off the hood without being injured. When he did so, Raiter exited his vehicle and fled into the woods.

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Officers, including K9 “Midas” and his handler, searched the area and soon tracked RRaiter to his residence on the 4100-block of Brantley Place. Raiter was immediately taken into custody.

During the arrest, officers smelled alcohol emanating from Raiter and so, administered Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Raiter was charged with DUI. At the jail, while being booked, Raiter provided a breath sample that showed an alcohol level three and a half times the legal limit.

Raiter was remanded to jail on charges of DUI, Reckless Endangerment, two counts of Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and two counts of Assault III.