Anchorage Man Charged with Felony Assault after Beating Woman in the Head with Hammer in Mountain View

APD responded to an apartment on the 800-block of Bunn Street early Thursday morning after receiving an unintelligible hangup call from that address.

The call came in at 3:16 am on Thursday. A call-back to that phone only managed to get another person, this time a male, who “yelled profanities at the dispatcher,” APD reported.

When officers arrived at the location in Mountain View, they observed a man exit the building and take off running when officers called out to him. Police searched the area but were unsuccessful at finding him.

When officers knocked on the door of the door where the 911 call originated from but no one answered the door. APD then knocked on the window in an effort to get someone to come to the door but were only met with more profanity from the suspect, later identified as 61-year-old Melvin L. Fair. After the profanity-laced response, a woman called out for police to come in. Immediately following that, police heard noises consistent with someone getting hit and a woman screaming. Police forced entry into the apartment.

Upon entry, police observed Fair on the floor with blood coming from below a swollen eye and a woman in a chair with injuries and covered in blood. Fair was immediately taken into custody.

The investigation at the scene revealed that the man observed fleeing the scene had been living with Fair and the woman and that night were up drinking and doing drugs. 

It was found that the man and Fair had gotten into a fist fight and after that, the man left the apartment. This occurred just before the arrival of the officers.

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Then, while the police were knocking on the window, Fair picked up a hammer and hit the victim in the head several times with a hammer.

Both the victim and Fair were transported to the hospital. Once Fair was medically cleared he was transported to the Anchorage Jail and remanded there on the charge of Felony Assault I.