APD Takes Johnny Johnson, Person of interest into Custody Early Wednesday Morning

APD took Johnny Johnson into custody on Wednesday morning. Image-State of Alaska
APD took Johnny Johnson into custody on Wednesday morning. Image-State of Alaska

The Anchorage Police Department says that after an attempted getaway and foot chase, they apprehended 38-year-old Johnny Johnson, a person of interest in the death of 69-year-old Alan Wagers, who died in the hospital from an incident that occurred on Cottonwood Street on January 18th.

At half-past midnight on Wednesday morning, patrol officers spotted a Chevy Silverado on West 27th and Spenard Road and recognized it as a vehicle that had eluded them a few nights prior, APD said in its report. Officers followed the truck as it pulled into a parking lot and moved in to attempt to block it in. But, as they did so, the driver put the truck into reverse and attempted to accelerate away, backing over a snow berm and into a patrol vehicle. Johnson continued to drive in reverse in the lot until he “high-centered” on a snowbank.

With his vehicle now immobile, Johnson jumped out of the truck and fled on foot. But, within minutes he was chased down and taken into custody behind a building nearby at 12:45 am.

Upon capture, he would be identified as Johnny  Johnson and found to have an outstanding felony warrant for Assault I, Assault III, Assault IV, and Tampering with Physical Evidence. As a result of the incident, he was further charged with Eluding, Criminal Mischief, and Assault III.

It was also found at that time that Johnson was a person of interest in the death of Wagers. Wagers was found with significant injuries from an assault on January 18th on the 2600-block of Cottonwood Street after officers responded to an assault call at that address.

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Wagers lingered in the hospital until February 27th at which time he succumbed to his injuries.

As yet, Johnson has not been charged in the death of Wagers.