Disagreement over Stolen Pickup Leads to Delta Junction Man’s Arrest

On Monday Alaska State troopers recovered a 2004 Dodge truck and a trailer that was reported missing two days before from the Alaska Steakhouse in Delta Junction.

Oddly enough, the stolen vehicle was found at the same location where it had been taken from without the owner’s knowledge. When troopers went inside and located the driver, he was recognized by troopers as 44-year-old John Emerick of Delta Junction.

Emerick told troopers that the owner of the truck loaned him the vehicle the day before and he was back to return it on Monday as agreed. He also told troopers that the trailer was parked at a family member’s house. But, the owner of the vehicle would tell troopers that he had never met Emerick nor did he loan him his truck and trailer.

Emerick would tell troopers that the man who loaned him the truck was named Todd, but Emerick did not know his last name. He also reported that Todd had given him rides in the past and had spoke with him at the steakhouse and given permission to take the vehicle and trailer.

When Emerick met the truck’s owner on Monday, he said that he was not the man who loaned him the vehicle.

But, acquaintances of Emerick would tell troopers when troopers retrieved the trailer that Emerick had told them he had gotten the vehicle from a Park and sell lot.

Emerick was arraigned in court and his bail set. He was remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Center.