Long Bike/Footchase Ends with Vehicle Prowler Arrest in West Anchorage

Location of Imlach bike/footchase. Image-Google Maps

Location of Imlach bike/footchase. Image-Google Maps

A 22-year-old Anchorage prowler suspect gathered additional charges after a caller on the 1100-block of West 32nd Avenue called in to report a person going through parked vehicles at that location early Monday morning.

When an officer arrived at the scene on Monday morning after the 4:48 am call-in, the officer observed a man, later identified as Eyob Imlach, on a bicycle matching the description given by the caller. The officer gave the suspect multiple commands to stop, all of which Imlach ignored.

The officer followed Imlach down Wilshire. When the suspect got to the end of that dead-end street, he abandoned his bike and fled on foot. Two officers gave chase over fences and around trailers and lost track of him for a time.

Additional officers arrived and a¬† perimeter was set up. Imlach was again located, and the foot-chase resumed. The pursuit ended on the 3800-block of Indiana Street when officers took Imlach to ground. “During the handcuffing process as the suspect refused to comply and actively fought with officers,” APD reported.

When asked to identify himself, Imlach would additionally give a name and birthdate that was not his, but upon going back to the abandoned bike, an ID was found that matched Imlach.

Imlach was transported to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded on charges of Vehicle Tampering, Obstruction by Fleeing and False Information.