Man Arrested at Arctic Tern Inn on Multiple Felony Charges

APD officers responded to the Arctic Tern Inn at approximately 5:30 am on Tuesday morning after receiving a report of an altercation between a man and a woman outside of the business. 

When they arrived at the location police contacted the woman who told them that she had picked up an unknown man at a Boniface gas station and soon got into an argument with him. She went on to say that she pulled over at the Arctic Tern Inn and both of them got out of the vehicle.

Once out of the car, the woman said that the man showed her a handgun but did not threaten her with it then hit her in the chest and took her ID.

Approximately three hours later, at about 8:30 am, police were notified that the suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Anwar L. Wheeler, had returned to the Inn and so returned to the address. They located Wheeler inside the doorway of the establishment and immediately took him into custody.

Prior to patting down Wheeler officers asked him if he had any weapons on him to which he said he did not. The patdown commenced and the arresting officer found a knife in Wheeler’s front left pants pocket. 

Asked again if he had any other weapons on his person and Wheeler “stated he had something in his right pocket but would not say what it was; the officer pulled a small handgun out of that pocket,” APD reported.

Wheeler told officers that the woman was, in fact, his girlfriend. He was transported to the Anchorage Jail on charges of Theft III, Assault IV, Robbery I, Misconduct Involving a Weapon III – Felon in Possession, Misconduct Involving a Weapon V – Concealed Weapon, and Violation of Conditions of Release for a Felony.

After the arresting officer left the jail, Corrections staff called him back and reported that they had found methamphetamine and heroin during a body cavity search.

The drugs were collected as evidence.

APD says that additional charges are pending.