Nikiski Felon Arrested on Multiple Charges Sunday

Alaska State Troopers attempted to pull over a Toyota sedan at 4:30 pm on Sunday after it was observed speeding and passing another vehicle hauling a horse trailer in a no-passing zone in Nikiski. Troopers caught up with the vehicle when it parked at a residence on Rambling Road.

The trooper recognized the driver, as 27-year-old Trevor Alexander Hallstead of Nikiski. The trooper knew that Hallstead was driving with no license and had two warrants for his arrest. Hallstead, a felon on probation would be found to have a concealable firearm in his vehicle.

Hallstead was placed under arrest on his two warrants as well as Reckless driving, Misconduct Involving Weapons III, and Probation Violation. He was transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility without bail.