Palmer Woman Arrested for Felony DUI after being Found Slumped Over Wheel

A Palmer woman was held pending arraignment on Felony DUI charges after being contacted by troopers outside of a Palmer business on Saturday night.

Troopers contacted 52-year-old Deborah J Houseman of Palmer at 8:13 pm on Saturday evening outside of a Palmer business slumped over and passed out in the driver’s seat of a silver GMC SUV. A closer look would find that she had an opened bottle of alcohol on her lap.

Troopers determined that she had been operating her vehicle while under the influence.

Houseman was placed under arrest on DUI charges. Further investigation would find that Houseman had three arrests for DUI in the past ten years and so her charged was raised to Felony DUI.

A breath sample was requested by troopers which was refused by Houseman and she was subsequently charged with “refusal of a chemical breath test,” troopers said.

She was remanded to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility to await arraignment.

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