Parkview Escapee Re-Arrested following Suspicious Vehicle Call

21-year-old Alexander Carlton. Image-State of Alaska
21-year-old Alexander Carlton. Image-State of Alaska

On Monday the Anchorage Police Department revealed that they had recaptured an escapee from the Parkview Center where he had been doing time.

On Friday night just prior to midnight, APD received a call reporting a suspicious vehicle and responded to the 700-block of East 34th Street to investigate. When they arrived at the scene they discovered a Buick Century backed into a parking space with two individuals inside who appeared to be asleep.

The first officer on the scene blocked the vehicle in and the caller approached the officer and they began talking. As they were doing so, the rear door of the vehicle opened and the passenger, later identified as Alexander Carlton, age 21, was ordered to remain in the vehicle. Istead of complying, Carlton stood up and proceeded to run.

Backup officers arriving on the scene jumped from their vehicles and gave chase, all the while issuing commands to stop which Carlton ignored. The suspect ran into a nearby parking lot, but then tripped and fell to the ground where officers quickly took him into custody.

A computer check would find that Carlton had an active arrest warrant for escape. He was additionally charged with Obstructing an Investigation by Fleeing. He was remanded to the Anchorage Jail on the chargtes.

The driver of the vehicle was released with no charges leveled.