Three Arrested after Midtown Disturbance Call

At just after 12 pm on Monday, Anchorage police received a call reporting a man firing shots in the air in the area of East 12th Avenue and Fairbanks Street and responded to the scene at 12:24 pm.

When officers arrived at a parking lot at the reported location they made contact with several people that were either in the parking lot, in a vehicle, a motorhome and an additional RV at the scene.

According to the interviews, 41-year-old Glenn Walls II walked into the lot asking for the location of a woman as 33-year-old Evan E. Roland and a female were sitting in a Jeep Liberty.

Then Walls walked to a nearby motorhome that was parked in the lot and began pounding on it in an effort to get the attention of the woman he was looking for. At one point, he banged on a window with the butt of a handgun, shattering it.

The responding officers would find Walls in another RV parked in the lot. He was placed under arrest on charges of Assault III.

Evan Roland, who was in the Jeep Liberty, was arrested on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. The Jeep was found to have been stolen from Midas at 711 East Northern Lights Boulevard on September 7th, where it had been towed following an accident.

One other person at the location, 28-year-old Kelsey L. Brame, was taken into custody on a misdemeanor warrant.

APD stated that they “were unable to develop enough probable cause to support charges related to the stolen vehicle.” They also said “No evidence of any shots fired was found; it appears the noise heard was that of glass breaking.”