Two Arrested in Wednesday Tudor Vehicle Incident following Call-In

Photo: Incident area on Tudor near Elmore. Image-Google Maps

After being advised by a caller at 11:55 am on Wednesday morning that they had spotted a stolen GMC Dually that had been taken from a used car parking lot on East Dowling, Officers responded and caught up to the vehicle in the eastbound lanes on Tudor near Elmore.

By the time APD got to the scene, both the driver and passenger were passed out in the vehicle. The occupants were later identified as 24-year-old Nicholas J. Newberry and passenger, Sarah J Sternberg.

APD positioned several patrol cars around the vehicle before waking up the duo. Police gave several K9, Taser, less lethal, and gas warnings to the occupants at which time they raised their hands as instructed.

Police observed as the two seemed to have a discussion with each other before lowering their hands and Newberry began ramming patrol vehicles in an effort to escape the blockade, effectively damaging seven police units.

Officers utilized less lethal munitions to break out the windows and gas was deployed. The truck’s tire got jammed over the curb, immobilizing the vehicle. Then Newberry, in an effort to escape police crawled over Sternberg and exited the vehicle from the passenger side door.

Newberry ran through a swampy area adjacent to the highway and into the Anchorage School District’s Tudor Bus Barn as officers gave chase. Newberry continued to ignore officer commands until additional officers arrived in the parking lot at which time he complied and dropped to his knees as officers took him into custody.

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As the scenario played out Sternberg remained with the vehicle. She was also taken into custody.

Both Newberry and Sternberg were taken to a local hospital to be medically cleared before being taken to the department for questioning. As a result, Newberry was charged with two counts of Vehicle Theft I, two counts of Theft II, Criminal Mischief III, and Reckless Endangerment. Sternberg was charged with two counts of Criminal Mischief V.

Both were remanded to the Anchorage Jail on their charges.