Anchorage Driver Arrested on Felony Assault/Resisting Charges after Chase

A call to APD reporting a man passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle at the 5300-block of east 26th Avenue on Friday prompted patrol officers to the scene at 8:50 am.

When officers arrived at the scene, they ran the plates on the vehicle and found that it was attached to 31-year-old Calvin C. Oktollik who was found to have two felony arrest warrants outstanding. Further checks would find that Oktoolik had, in the past, eluded officers attempting to contact him.

When officers approached the vehicle and attempted to contact Oktollik, he woke up but refused to answer questions posed to him and also refused to turn off the ignition. Then, Oktollik put the vehicle in reverse and looked behind him as if he was going to drive away. This action caused officers to back away thinking they may be run over.

As Oktollik continued to ignore commands, an officer deployed a taser through the open window, but that action didn’t incapacitate Oktollik and he drove forward¬†towards two officers outside of their vehicles.¬†He rammed into one of the patrol cars while ripping the taser probes from his body and refused to put his hands up. After ramming the vehicle, he put the vehicle into reverse continuing to unsuccessfully ram his way out and was tased yet again.

Knowing he was not going to be able to get away in his vehicle, Oktollik jumped out of the vehicle’s window and fled on foot.

An officer who was off-duty heard the police traffic on the radio and responded to the Glacier/East Northern Lights area where he saw Oktollik attempting to scale a fence. That officer got out of his vehicle and commanded Oktollik to stop, but Oktolik ignored the commands and continued to flee. The officer gave chase and pursued Oktollik, who was still trailing probe wires to the 2800-block of Lily Street where the officer caught up to the suspect, tackled him and took him to ground.

A tensed Oktoollik, who looked poised for further resistance, was further subdued and cuffed with the assistance of a second officer who had responded to the scene.

Following his arrest, Oktollik was patted down and the patdown produced a substance that was field tested and tested positive for methamphetamine.

The suspect was medically cleared then transported to the Anchorage Jail, where he was remanded on charges of Assault III, Resisting Arrest, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance V and Reckless Driving.

Oktollik had two warrants for two felony parole violation for separate felony DUI cases. He was also found to have absconded from probation/parole.