Investigation Continues in Friday’s Fatal Pedestrian/Vehicle Collision on Minnesota Drive

Anchorage police released additional information in the deadly vehicle vs pedestrian collision that occurred on Friday evening.

According to APD, they responded to the collision at 7:26 pm to open an investigation into the incident to find that two pedestrians were crossing eastbound at the northbound intersection Minnesota in front of traffic, forcing drivers to slow down quickly to avoid hitting them.

But, one vehicle, a silver 2007 Ford Explorer, in the far-right lane struck one of the pedestrians and continued driving off without stopping and rendering aid.

Life-saving efforts were administered on the victim, but by the time medics arrived at the scene, she had succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The Major Collision Investigations Unit (MCIU) arrived at the accident location and began processing the scene. As they were doing so, one of the officers was approached by a man who revealed that he was the driver who struck the pedestrian.

The driver was taken in and administered toxicology tests. APD says that they do not believe he was operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs but are awaiting the results of the testing.

As yet, no charges have been filed in the incident.