North Pole Woman Held without Bail Following Disturbance Investigation

A North Pole woman deemed to be trespassing in a family member’s home on Sunday night and was arrested and held without bail, troopers reported.

Fairbanks-based Troopers responded to a Dennis Road address in North Pole at 11:34 pm on Sunday night after receiving a call that 38-year-old North Pole woman Manuela Vazquez Feiler creating a disturbance. Troopers determined that an intoxicated Feiler “was in the house of a family member without permission and she refused to leave.”

As the investigation progressed they found that Feiler had driven to the address prior to the incident. As a result, Feiler was placed under arrest on charges of Criminal Trespass I and DUI. During her arrest, she forcefully resisted and so, was also charged with resisting arrest.

At the trooper post, a breath sample was taken and Feiler was found to have a BrAC of 0.305. She was also found to have an IID requirement and a revoked license for a previous DUI.

Feiler was remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Center and held without bail pending arraignment.