Trio Arrested on Weapons, Theft and other Charges after Pretrial Officers Respond for VCOR Arrest

29-year-old Shane Muse.

29-year-old Shane Muse.

According to APD, Alaska Pretrial Officers made contact with a 29-year-old Shane Muse at a home on the 5400-block of East 26th Avenue on Saturday. They had responded there to place him under arrest for violating his conditions of release in a March case that included felony Weapons Theft II, Misconduct Involving Weapons III-Felon in Possession, and Criminal Mischief V.

While taking Muse into custody, he fought with the officers, injuring one. During the scrap, Muse repeatedly reached for something in his pocket. Officers would find a handgun in that pocket. It would be found that the firearm had previously been reported stolen. APD was called in.

Prior to making contact with Muse, he was seen walking up to a man on a motorcycle. When APD arrived on scene, they would make contact with that man and later identify him as 21-year-old Moataa Ifopo. A check on the vehicle would find that it had been reported as stolen in September of 2017 during a home burglary on Birch Knoll Loop. “After Ifopo was taken into custody he initially refused to identify himself.  Ifopo was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on charges of Vehicle Theft I and Violations of Conditions of Release,” APD stated.

When officers initially made contact with Muse, 25-year-old Crystal Tui was with him. A check would find that Tui was prohibited by the court to have contact with Muse. This prohibition stems from an October 2018 vehicle theft that resulted in the arrest of Tui and Muse and one other.

Muse had been arrested in another vehicle theft/weapons case after he was chased down and crashed into a snow bank in March of this year. A loaded stolen handgun was found under the driver’s seat of that 2006 GMC Yukon.

Further investigation would find that it was Tui that provided Muse with the firearm that had been reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on Hillcrest Lane in Eagle River on May 27th. APD reported that “Tui was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on charges of Misconduct Involving a Weapon III, Theft II, and Probation Violation.”

Muse had posted $5,000 bail and was released on May 21st in a felony Fraudulent Use of a Stolen Access Device case. He had been out for a total of 19 days. That case originated on September 22, 2017. His bail was set at $1,000 which court records show was posted in early November, but when his trial date rolled around, Muse failed to appear and a $5,000 warrant was issued and he was re-arrested on March 7th.

While Muse has several pending cases in Alaska, he has several felony robbery convictions in the state of Hawaii.