Two Men Charged with Burglary on Prince of Wales Island on Saturday

Two Prince of Wales men were taken into custody after a report of a burglary and extensive search at a cabin near Kasaan on Saturday.

A witness called in to report that as they were going to check on the cabin they discovered two unknown men actively burglarizing the property. When seen by the caller, the two burglars fled into the woods.

Prince of Wales AST/AWT, Kasaan VPSO, and the Thorne Bay VPSO responded to the report and soon located a “suspect vehicle” parked approximately a half-mile away from the remote cabin.

A search warrant was requested, and as that warrant was being processed, 32-year-old Kolton Tipton of Klawock emerged from the woods. “Tipton was wet, cold and showing early signs of hypothermia,” troopers reported.

When evidence was gathered from the suspect truck, implicated Tipton and he was placed under arrest as troopers and VPSO fanned out and began searching the area for the second suspect. At 10:18 pm, 46-year old Alex Brown would emerge from the woods near where Tipton had come out. “Brown was also wet, cold and showing more severe signs of hypothermia,” according to the report.

Brown would be treated by troopers and VBPSO before being transported to the Craig Jail. Both suspects were positively identified by the witness. Both were charged with Burglary I and Theft II.