Zoo Murder Suspect Identified and Charged with Murder while in Custody

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nchorage police have zeroed in on a 33-year-old man as the suspect in the homicide of 45-year-old Michael R. Greco who was killed by multiple stab wounds in the Anchorage Zoo parking lot on November 4th.

APD’s preliminary investigation determined that 33-year-old Clayton Charlie stole a red 2002 Chevy Tahoe at 2 pm on November 4th from a Vance Drive residence where he was prohibited by protective orders. As a result, Charlie had a warrant issued for his arrest and a stolen vehicle report was filed.

At around 7 pm on November 4th, Charlie when to the parking lot of the Alaska Zoo on O’Malley Road and got into an altercation with Greco that resulted in Greco being fatally stabbed.

APD had responded to the zoo parking lot in reference to a report of two men fighting at the parking lot entrance but did not locate the two men and no signs of a fight.

The next morning, police received a report of a body in another portion of the lot.

The incident was picked up on surveillance cameras. As the investigation progressed, and the footage processed, it would be found that the stolen vehicle, as well as charlie, had been captured by the cameras fighting with Greco, stabbing him, then running over his body with the vehicle. APD would also discover that Greco’s credit cards and wallet had been stolen. They would find that Charlie had used Greco’s credit card at various locations around Anchorage.

APD would find this week that Charlie was already in custody. He had been arrested on Monday, November 5th by Alaska State Troopers and Wasilla Police after fleeing an officer that identified the vehicle as one that had been stolen in Anchorage the day before. 

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While he was in custody, Charlie was further charged with Murder I in the zoo homicide.