Anchorage Escapee Garners 14 Additional Charges after July 4th Incident


27-year-old Jason Lee Eaton. Image-State of Alaska
27-year-old Jason Lee Eaton. Image-State of Alaska

An Anchorage man, identified as 27-year-old Jason Lee Eaton, who escaped the Clitheroe Center in mid-June, now faces 14 new charges after an incident and his capture on the 4th of July APD revealed.

A 911 call went in to APD at 1:39 am on Saturday from the Hampton Inn on Credit Union Drive reporting that’s adult male had stolen their shuttle van from in front of the hotel. It was also reported to police that the suspect was not a registered guest  and had been earlier trespassed from the hotel.

Responding officers located the van near 57th Place and the Old Seward Highway. But, before they could make contact Eaton ran a red light and sped away from the patrol vehicle which did not take up the chase.

The vehicle would be located again a short time later. This time the vehicle was found at Tudor Bingo. Officers attempted to block the van in but Eaton was able to push his way through and made good his escape. Again, officers did not pursue.

Employees at the Hampton Inn contacted APD again to report that Eaton had returned to the hotel, but that he had sped off again after an employee jumped into the back of the vehicle. Eaton pulled over at a trailer park on the 4300-block of Arctic Boulevard and physically assaulted the employee and stole personal items from him before the victim could get away. The victim, now on foot, flagged down a patrol vehicle at 41st and Arctic and informed them where the suspect had gone.

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Patrol officers responded to the trailer park, located the van and blocked it in. Eaton was quickly taken into custody and transported to the department for questioning.

Following questioning, Eaton was prepared for transport to the Anchorage Correctional Center. He actively resisted the officers when being loaded into a patrol car, but eventually complied and sat down in his seat. But, on the way to the jail, “Eaton slipped his handcuffs to the front of his body and began kicking the patrol vehicle’s window and door which caused damage,” APD reported. As a result, Eaton was placed in full restraints and successfully transferred to ACC.

Once at the jail, Eaton was remanded on his felony Escape warrant as well as additional charges of Robbery I, two counts of Vehicle Theft I, three counts of Vehicle Theft II, Assault II, Assault III, three counts of Fail to Stop, two counts of Criminal Mischief III and Reckless Endangerment.

The Hampton Inn employee was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.