Driver Killed on the Glenn Highway after Exiting Vehicle at Crash

Inbound and outbound traffic was diverted to the South Birchwood Offramps following a fatal crash involving three vehicles on the Glenn Highway on Tuesday afternoon.

APD patrol officers and medics responded to the fatal crash scene at 4:07 pm on Tuesday following an accident on slippery roads north of Anchorage. One person was declared deceased soon after medics arrived at the crash location.

According to the investigation, “two vehicles collided with one another and both ended up in the center median” on Tuesday afternoon. Following the crash, both drivers got out of their vehicles and began walking to the side of the highway.

But, as the two drivers were walking across the road a third vehicle lost control and crashed into the female driver.

Multiple commuters stopped and rendered assistance and CPR was administered until medics arrived on scene. A short time later the woman was declared deceased.

The highway remained closed as investigators worked the scene.

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